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Camlex.NET 4.2

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Released: Oct 12, 2016
Updated: Oct 12, 2016 by sadomovalex
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Release Notes

Camlex.NET 4.2 release

New features
  • Support for LookupMulti field type

Camlex.NET 4.1 release

New features
  • Reverse version for list joins and projections

Camlex.NET 4.0 release

New features
  • List joins and projections

Camlex.NET 3.6 release

New features
  • Support for explicit cast boolean expressions

Camlex.NET 3.5 release

New features
  • Support for In CAML operation

Camlex.NET 3.4 release

New features
  • Join several string conditions into single condition for query
  • Support for double (in CAML Number) native data type

Camlex.NET 3.3 release

New features
  • Add ToSPQuery() method to IQuery interface

Camlex.NET 3.2 release

New features
  • Add conditions to existing string queries

Camlex.NET 3.1 release

New features
  • Dynamic ViewFields

Camlex.NET 3.0 release

New features
Camlex.NET 2.4 release

New features
  • Support for queries by user id (DataTypes.UserID)
  • Support for queries by current user id <UserID />

Camlex.NET 2.3 release

New features
  • Dynamic OrderBy statements

Camlex.NET 2.2 release

New features
  • Support for ViewFields

Camlex.NET 2.1 release

New features
  • Possibility to easily combine different independent expressions

Camlex.NET 2.0 release

New features
  • Search by field id
  • Support for native System.Guid type for values
  • Search by lookup id and lookup value
  • Dynamic filtering conditions

Camlex.NET 2.0 contains breaking changes:
  • SPListItem is used instead of SPItem
  • DataTypes.Lookup type is made internal. DataTypes.LookupValue and DataTypes.LookupId are introduced instead of DataTypes.Lookup
There is NO backward compatibility with 1.0 version.

For detailed description of new features see

Reviews for this release

One of the best MUST HAVE library for every SharePoint developer ever. Guys, keep it up!
by avishnyakov on Aug 20, 2013 at 3:36 AM
This package is absolutely a helpful solution of buildup CAML markup, i was once create my own package for CAML markup, but then abandoned when I found this project since v1.x, this project is just become much better. You will never know how troublesome when there is no results returned and you may have to bothered with the CAML markup syntax. It is truly a life saver and rescue a lot of developer day and nights. A must have library for SharePoint lover / developer.
by z9ekaMen1 on Oct 11, 2016 at 3:45 AM
very useful tool!
by patriksergil on Mar 12, 2015 at 10:17 AM